2021 Autumn in Blenheim Garden

Autumn has arrived in Tasmania beautiful with foliage colours and lush green grass it has been an exceptional summer and now the mornings have dew and chill.

Trees are turning their beautiful colours and the yellows or the ash trees in contrast to the liquid amber trees and our magnificent deep green hedges make a garden of real contrast.

On taking a garden tour this week around the garden for the Longford Garden Club more and more I am enjoying the maturity of what has been planted and my garden design which was first implemented 30 years ago is coming to fruition.

It is a green, peaceful garden and beds for floral highlights whilst summer is done there is still a few blooms hanging on until the last.

In Tasmania we do have the seasons and even in February suddenly the night air had a slight chill and the hawthorn berries turned a bright red which they say is always an indication of a cold, hard winter. Hope not but maybe so!

Autumn chores are beginning with additional daffodil bulbs being planted, some new roses replaced where there was an indication of black spot.

My main plan this autumn and winter is to plant another large bed not sure what sort of plant yet but it will be consistently the same plant through for effect.

I love sharing the garden with garden clubs and groups and already for the coming spring and summer we have some bookings which is exciting.