Blenheim Gallery Shapes in Spaces Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2019

19 October to 30 November 2019

We are thrilled to announce the winners for our Inaugural Blenheim Gallery Shapes in Spaces Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2019, a wonderful start to the bi-annual award. The opening was held 19 October 2019 at the opening of the exhibition by Mr Mark Shelton MHA, the local state member with many of the artists attended the launch.

The exhibition was both with works in the park space at Blenheim and the interior Gallery space.

The participating artists in the exhibition are:-

Nanna Bayer and Selena de Carvalho, Ben Beames, Matt Calvert, Anita Denholm, Clarissa Horne, Mel Knowles, Ty Manning, Pete Mattila, Lucy Mceachern, Hugh McLachlan, Gene McLaren, Helen Neyland, Jake Mikoda,Cheryl Sims, Chee Yong

The artists have been very supportive of the prize and exhibition and the entries were received through a registration process earlier in 2019.

Judging took some time to finalise and we have to say not only is the work exceptional but diverse from the ephemeral pieces through to three dimensional robust structures both abstract and literal in design.

Presented for judging are outstanding.

Winner of $10,000 major Blenheim Gallery Shapes in Spaces 2019 Sculpture Prize

Pete Matilla


As the award is an acquisitive one the sculpture will remain at Blenheim Gallery for the

Public to view in the sculpture garden. Following the launch Pete Matilla provide a short talk to guests about his winning work.

Pete Matilla says ‘Convergence’ is one of the central works from my recent exhibition ‘Catalysis’.

This piece showcases the idea of the coming together/union before incubation ‘the convergence’ of the materials Iron and Carbon. Iron sleeps in the mountains while Carbon (the sixth most abundant element in the universe, known to us through charcoal), is the keystone element of 95 percent of all known compounds. Carbon is LIFE even after death. It is stored energy and the ultimate bonding agent of elements. The Charcoal in this work was fossicked from a burnt logging coup in the ‘Weld’ valley. The Magnetite (iron ore) is ‘waste rock’ from the Kara mine.

Artist Statement

“The Meaning of the pieces I produce is, for me, inextricably entwined with process, material, physical engagement, and technical ability. It is only through open-ended activity that new works can emerge. The way I view my work is like a continuous thread in a larger fabric. I am a maker; what I am making is new to me. I am not viewing it from the outside; I am viewing it from the inside. My conceptual framework comes from that act of doing, making, and thinking. I make objects out of steel. Each new moment emerges from its history and could not be arrived at without it. In this way, the object is continually emerging. To me, they are not resolved static things: within each is a growth of understanding.”

Casting Award

Winner of $1,000 Blenheim Gallery Shapes in Spaces 2019 Casting Sculpture Prize, a non acquisitive award.

Lucy Mceachern

Nankeen Kestrel bronze

Lucy Mceachern is the winner of many Awards during her professional life as a sculptor. She has exhibited in a number of individual and group exhibitions and her work and the detail of each sculpture is exceptional and knowing.

People’s Choice Award

There is also a People’s Choice Award which will be announced in the last week of the exhibition following the assessment of votes online and through visitation to the exhibition.