Carlton Cox

Ink Excursion

March 2 to 28 March 2018

Carlton Cox’s new linocuts are on display at Blenheim Gallery and this exhibition is the culmination of 25 years of printmaking and refining Carlton’s expertise with the linocut medium. Carlton initially studied printmaking in Launceston with Denise Campbell and through workshops and private tuition, developed a sound knowledge of studio practice. ‘Printmaking is a complicated process that requires the completion of many steps that are performed in a particular order to produce the final art work”, he says.

More recently Carlton has received coaching from a London printmaker, Steve Edwards, in the field of caustic-etch, which produces a more painterly effect than carved lino. ‘I’ve introduced the technique of caustic-etch into my recent work, which is most obvious in the fluid lines in the skies and backgrounds.

In recent years Carlton has refined his printmaking skills by undertaking several subjects at the UTAS Art School and attending short course in Melbourne and Glasgow.

Carlton adds to the difficulty by producing multi-colour prints which require precision to align the individual printing blocks in order to build up as many as 10 layers of ink from individual carved blocks.

This wonderful exhibition at Blenheim Gallery we recommend to everyone. The show includes themes of birds observed around the artists home, as well as recognizable buildings and streetscapes from Tasmania, particularly Longford. Works titled Gilbert and Gordon, Chequer and Mother hen are all a part of nature’s influence on Carlton.

Carlton is represented in private and public collections in Australia and abroad. ‘It’s exciting to hear that my work has gone to the UK, Europe, Japan, NZ and USA.’

The exhibition has varying opening times please see our home page and when visiting for the John Glover Prize come and visit Carlton’s exhibition at Blenheim Gallery on the Friday and Saturday.

Carlton Cox recent prints