Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival

A very big thank you to all who supported us at the Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival. The festival was held this weekend at the Albert Hall in Launceston. We enjoyed chatting with all of the wonderful people who visited our stand and we appreciated the support. It was a great opportunity for us [...]

Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival2017-09-26T22:21:22+10:00

On the Wing

On the wing ……….the Grey Fantail Birds in Gardens Exhibition In preparing for our “Birds in Gardens” exhibition the mind goes to which artists should be chosen. One also thinks about colour and vibrancy as well as our birds in nature so not just a literal representation. Having recently read The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa [...]

On the Wing2017-07-19T11:40:04+10:00

David Chapman

Born 1927 Victoria Died 1983 lived in Tasmania throughout his childhood graduating from University of Tasmania. David exhibited extensively as an artist throughout his life and retired back to Tasmania from Victoria to live at Palmerston Meadows Cressy Tasmania 1974 where many of his wonderful Tasmanian landscape works were executed. His works are held in [...]

David Chapman2017-06-11T21:26:09+10:00

April at Blenheim

During April exciting things are happening at Blenheim Gallery and Garden as the fold of autumn encroaches on the garden foliage. The beautiful cypress hedges have been trimmed before the winter dormancy period. They are looking sharp with Gene McLaren's wonderful Celtic Obelisk sitting beautifully at the main axis. Roses, perennials and masses of bulbs [...]

April at Blenheim2017-04-12T10:41:27+10:00

Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren

The current exhibition “Pulse – New Art, New Artists” at Blenheim Gallery and Garden has been exciting to undertake in collaboration with Tracy Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren. All three have been working away and studying for ten years and more and the work produced for the show indicates their individual true dimension of [...]

Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren2017-03-07T21:39:28+11:00