Pulse- New Art New Artists Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren Exhibition until 13 March 2016 10.30 to 4 to Friday 17 February then Wednesday to Friday 10.30 to 4 or by appointment Pulse – New Art New Artists exhibition with works from Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren. Exciting new works by [...]


Pulse – New Art – New Artists

We are now preparing for Pulse – New Art – New Artists works by Tracey Delphin - Rachel Mighell - Gene McLaren. The works are quite different but have an energy which is stimulating as well as contemplative. These three artists, Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren are showing work for the first time [...]

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Philip Wolfhagen in ‘Artist’s Garden’

In our 'Artist's Garden' exhibition there are two works by Philip Wolfhagen, who is an artist local to Longford and Blenheim Gallery & Garden. Philip's inspiration has come from a number of things - Tasmania's unique landscapes, the Western Tiers Central Plateau and the Skullbone Plains project where artists were invited by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy [...]

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Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival.

Wow it has been a very busy September! We attended the first Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival which was held at the Albert Hall in Launceston on 24th and 25th September. We were thrilled with the results. It is quite heart warming to see how the Gardeners of Tassie support new experiences and local [...]

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Makers Mark – Celebrating 50 years in Australian Printmaking

Our current exhibition 'Maker's Mark', showcases Australian influential printmakers. Created to celebrate 50 years in Australian Printmaking, our show spans the 50 years, from early works such by Mary MacQueen and David Rose (1970) to recent works by Jennifer Marshall (2015).   View Catalogue

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What Patience Ian Bonde must have! The details incorporated in his sculptures in the ‘Bloss’ series are incredible. A steady hand, an eye for detail and a beautiful view of flora formations. Hand carved in ‘monkey wood’ and finished with polyurethane and Gilsonite resin, these pieces are a must see.  



To be a sculptor and carve or create something that didn’t exist before is quite remarkable. To do it with recycled or repurposed materials, that is brilliant! Both Matt Calvert and Colin Langridge recycle and repurpose material to create pieces which are far more beautiful than the materials original design. Who knew that [...]



Many wonderful pieces have arrive this week and have been installed in preparation for the upcoming 'Shapes in Spaces' exhibition. It is very exciting to see the exhibition coming to life. We have a range of different pieces, in different styles and materials. The exhibition will showcase pieces in both the internal gallery and the external garden [...]