Jake Mikoda

    When Blenheim Gallery and Garden participated at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year the annual Sculptors Prize display was held in the gardens.  On viewing much to my delight apart from our exhibitor Lucy McEachern I fell upon another sculptor whose work was just outstanding. Following through the research I found that [...]

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Lauren Black

Lauren Black Lauren Black’s work as a participant in our exhibition “2018 - Some of my bush friends in Tasmania : native flowers, berries and insects” takes inspiration from Louisa Anne Meredith artworks. Lauren is recognised as a leading figure in botanical art in Tasmania. Born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1971, she began her study [...]

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Coming Up

We are preparing for a huge end to the year for Blenheim Gallery and Garden with a number of garden groups booked to view the garden during its spring peak through to the end of the year. We also have a number of exhibitions which will be carried out during this period so please view [...]

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Journeys in Spain

The last two months have been spent travelling in Spain, Morocco then Stephen and I travelled further in Spain through France to Paris. We joined a small group tour in Barcelona led by Kim Woods Rabbidge who is a writer and photographer for a number of garden publications. Kim also guides for Opulent Journeys, which [...]

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April at Blenheim

During April exciting things are happening at Blenheim Gallery and Garden as the fold of autumn encroaches on the garden foliage. The beautiful cypress hedges have been trimmed before the winter dormancy period. They are looking sharp with Gene McLaren's wonderful Celtic Obelisk sitting beautifully at the main axis. Roses, perennials and masses of bulbs [...]

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Blooming Tasmania

It was a great pleasure to host Blooming Tasmania Association for a committee meeting at Blenheim Gallery and Garden during February. A statewide committee with members from the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, The Tasmanian Arboretum, Port Arthur Historic Site, Fitzpatrick’s Inn, Windsong and other garden entities. The meeting discussed amongst other things the 2017 September [...]

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In the Garden

The spinklers are on and watering as the key activity in January with the onset of dry weather. The internal lawns are holding their own at present and whilst the roses have been dead headed there will be another a bloom Mid to late February. The fruit is ripening and bountiful although there are not [...]

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