Ceramics and Timber
Crafted exhibition looks at form and design as well as technique. The purpose among other things is to highlight that each participating artist has chosen their medium to convey their feeling and design making it unique to them and their art making.
Rynne Tanton, Dawn Oakford, Stephen Benwell for ceramics, and Alfred Buchinger, Rex Heathcote and Simon Ancher for the timber pieces have all crafted each piece making an artistic signature no different than the application of paint to a canvas.

Rynne Tanton
Blenheim Gallery is very fortunate to have Rynne Tanton ceramics as his technique and artistic skill comes from a life time of practise and knowledge of what his medium will do, which places him in the position as one of Tasmania’s leading crafts people.

Crackle and crystalline glazes in earth colours through to his new bronze vessels and bowl pieces hark to the traditional early Egyptian and Grecian pot making. A feeling of a volcano or crater of boiling earth, cracked mud, fissures with hot lava overflow.

Dawn Oakford
Dawn Oakford ‘s work is colourful and inspired by Australian Wildlife and Fauna. For this show Tasmanian birds such as the Swift and Red Winged Parrots and the Grey Fronted Honeyeater sit beautifully in the exhibition.
Dawn is a member of the Australia Ceramics Association, and through teaching and sharing her knowledge over an extensive career exhibiting in Tasmania and interstate she has developed a strong following for her pieces.
She produces “speciality” teapots and figurative sculpture which take a quirky form.

The three furniture makers from northern Tasmania were chosen for this exhibition because of their design, skill and understated craftsmanship qualities which in my view set them apart.

Rex Heathcote
When writing about the furniture makers in this exhibition Rex Heathcote and Alfred Buchinger both talk about the journey of life, the origins and the sources from which their creative spirit has formed.
From a family tradition of furniture making Rex Heathcote is now enjoying life in Longford returning to making tables and undertaking a range of commission work in Tasmanian timbers.

Simon Ancher
Contemporary design is to the fore with the table piece included in our Crafted exhibition made by Simon Ancher. Simon leans to design and craftsmanship with a fluid visual ribbon effect of flow whether a side table, a lounge or a table.

Alfred Buchinger
Alfred Buchinger with origins steeped in Germany with centuries of furniture making tradition, and serving apprenticeships with European furniture makers encouraged travel.

Settling in Tasmania in the 1980’s must have been a time of stimulating creative excitement, with timbers available that Alfred had never used or seen before. His sensitive use of sassafras with the grain colouration throughout the hall table in this exhibition takes on a form of its own like a river floating through a flood plain.