Natural Affinity- A Sense of Place

A beautiful exhibition of Pamela Jones and Eve Howard’s works who live quite close to each other on the Forestier Peninsula in Southern Tasmania.  They enjoy and share the flora and fauna in the natural world and their works sit well together.

In this exhibition Pamela and Eve form a harmonious collaboration with Eve’s ceramic birds set against Pamela’s abstract landscape paintings. Inspired by the nature of place, both artists are connecting through friendship, art and their love of a shared local environment

Pamela Jones is a Tasmanian artist from Murdunna on the southeast coast of Tasmania.  Pamela originally moved to Tasmania from Byron Bay 13 years ago. Since moving to the East Coast of Tasmania she has been inspired by the diverse landscape of the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas. She finds there is a vitality that exists as a result of the interaction of the wild elements in the Tasmanian environment.  To demonstrate this relationship in her art practice she utilizes mixed media, acrylic and collage to produce texture and colour.


Whereas Eve Howard in contrast, utilises hand built ceramic sculpture to produce stylised native bird sculptures.  Both artists draw on the ubiquitous trees and wildlife that we all relate to in the natural environment.

There are works in the stockroom by each artist