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Australian Abstract Expressionism exhibition

10 April to 30 April 2021

This exhibition “Australian Abstract Expressionism” is celebrating one of the most influential developments in art history in Australia, whilst evolving around the world from the 1930’s it was not until the 1950’s in Australia the term was used in writings by Elwyn Lynn and other critics as an art movement.

Abstract expressionism not only changed the subject matter of the paintings from specific landscape imagery to a fluid flow of paint and colour, it also In the 1960’s and 1970’s resulted in large scale works on canvas, some shaped that took up whole walls in domestic spaces and museums.

The scale came with the freedom of the expression and movement. In the US one thinks of Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko and William De Kooning.

In Europe the movement was initiated by Mondrian, Malevich and to a degree Kandinsky.

So this exhibition at Blenheim Gallery celebrates the ‘Abstract Expressionist” movement with works by Roger Kemp, John Peart,- Alun Leach Jones, Sydney Ball, Roy Jackson and Leonard Crawford.


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