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Blenheim Shapes in Spaces Sculpture Prize

17 October to 30 November 2021

Blenheim Gallery and Garden on the outskirts of Longford Tasmania has for the last five years focused heavily on sculpture by showcasing artists work in a country garden setting.

An exciting year with the 2021 Shapes in Spaces Sculpture $10,000 Prize being held and follows the 2019 inaugural Sculpture Prize and Exhibition with works submitted from throughout Australia with practising sculptors registering for participation in the acquisitive prize. The winner of this presigous prize will be announced on the exhibition opening day.

“Convergence”, by Pete Mattila was the 2019 winning entry and is retained by Blenheim Gallery and Garden. Convergence is available for viewing in the gardens of Blenheim Gallery

Pete Mattila Artist’s Statement:

“The Meaning of the pieces I produce is, for me, inextricably entwined with process, material, physical engagement, and technical ability. It is only through open-ended activity that new works can emerge. The way I view my work is like a continuous thread in a larger fabric. I am a maker; what I am making is new to me. I am not viewing it from the outside, I am viewing it from the inside. My conceptual framework comes from that act of doing,

making, thinking. I make objects out of steel. Each new moment emerges from its history and could not be arrived at without it. In this way, the object is continually emerging. To me, they are not resolved static things: within each is a growth of understanding.”

2021 will see a diverse and exciting selection of sculptors participating in the Blenheim Shapes in Spaces Sculpture Prize with works sited in an unsurpassed magical vista which has inspired many artists.

Hours Wed to Friday 10.30 to 4 Saturday 10 to 2


Blenheim Gallery Shapes in Spaces Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2021 entry form

Catalogue Blenheim Gallery Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2021


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