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Ian brings a lifetime of painting years to his work. It is both keen understanding and dilemma that continues to drive his contemporary exploration. A picture may involve a sea/landscape with a horizon line, a window or view, OR pillars of colour that create an energy and synthesis where the abstracted landscape with the horizon line blocked in, surfaces are manipulated and heavily textured, layered, underpainted and worked. This series presents an extension of both the window viewing and the surface or wall, and are powerful statements, the surface of colour pushing your viewing to the structure, a framed composition.

His larger works allow more open and constructions of beams and pillars, defined by colour, lifted by a curve, as if viewing the construction of a boat’s hull from within, with the curve providing the ease of movement through the water, a grace and gliding, a lessening of tension visually and metaphorically.

The sea is never far away from Parry’s sense of memory and reference, colour and light. A highly accomplished painter, Parry has work in all major public collections in Australia, Janet Holmes a Court Collection and numerous US collections including the Phillips Collection, Washington S.C.

This new exhibition of Parry’s work demonstrates a continuation of many of his concerns, it also shows the development of new themes bringing the representational seascape with horizon line, closer to the abstract constructions and the forces and manipulation of colour.

Image: Windows 107 x 92 cm oil on canvas

Open Wed to Friday 10.30 to 4 Sat 10 to 2

Exhibition opens Sunday 5th September to 25 September 2021



Ian Parry catalogue

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