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Tasmania’s Landscape exhibition with a focus on the broad context of Tasmania’s landscape with a particular emphasis on the Northern Midlands.

The show will highlight works by Blenheim Gallery artists and in addition include works introduced by artists who work in the genre and have an affinity of the theme for the exhibition.

This show is designed to enhance the specific focus of the Glover Prize and all things Glover and broaden the scope to add relevance to the unique island on which we live and the inspiration if provides to visual artists.

“A world in which David Chapman has by some gentle alchemy, transmuted the most stunning Tasmanian landscape and scraps of garden views into the pure gold of unalloyed delight.” quote Graeme Sturgeon.

Dates    Thursday 4 March to 27 March 2022

Times    Wed to Friday 10.30 to 4

Sat 10 to 2

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