When Blenheim Gallery and Garden participated at Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year the annual Sculptors Prize display was held in the gardens.  On viewing much to my delight apart from our exhibitor Lucy McEachern I fell upon another sculptor whose work was just outstanding.

Following through the research I found that this artist Jake Mikoda was from Tasmania. On return I made contact with him to see if we could display some works in our exhibition Little Treasures.

The works are exceptional from a craftsmanship point of view, with beauty and unique patinas showing all the qualities that indicate the artist’s love for wildlife and the natural experiences Tasmania offers.

The works are executed with all the European skills of bronze making tradition and it is not often that you fall upon an outstanding series of works that excite and really say sculpture is alive and well.

There is nothing repetitious about them and each piece has a joy of making and presence.

I recommend them to all collectors who are wishing to have something special for generations of family to enjoy.  As part of Little Treasures exhibition these works may be viewed up until Christmas.


Works reproduced with permission Jake Mikoda