Matthew Sloane Horse, (Life size) Scrap metal 230cm x 180cm x 120 cm

What a horse! It has been I have to say a greatly admired work at Blenheim Gallery during an exhibition of sculptural works by Matthew Sloane, where by hundreds of people have come to view this magic work.

As this wonderful piece of sculpture leaves Tasmania’s shores to a new home in New York it is very exciting for the artist and his future and to ride the journey with him.

Matthew Sloane Horse has been evaluated by near and far and I am absolutely thrilled to report that its’ new home will be in Brooklyn New York. What a journey for a Tasmanian artist and a work of art and a touchstone to what is the essence of this artist’s journey.

Matt finds the scrap metal from people’s old farm sheds, tips and on hard rubbish days. Matthew Sloane’s striking sculpture of a horse exemplifies his mastery, skill and a unique individual style.

The adaptive reuse of materials also endears the work to another life beyond scrap metal to become something collectors and the public can enjoy ongoing into the future.

I think his artist statement sums up his natural approach to his work but at the end of the day the endearment of the works as they engage with the viewer are even more astounding. Having had a life time in the arts this is something special.

Matthew Sloane – Artist Statement

I am endlessly inspired by the vast array of shapes and textures found while scavenging old farm machinery, rusted out carts, boxes of discarded tools and odds and ends. Working predominately with the animal form, I enjoy the challenge of capturing the true character of a subject while working within the limitation of found material, striving to capture the inherent beauty and grace of the animal form through the manipulation of hard, irregular and often unforgiving materials.