11 – 31 October 2020

Our Own Path David Marsden and Jane Giblin

We are very pleased with Our Own Path exhibition which has now been hung and ready to open this coming weekend. Collectively David and Jane’s works sit well together and to see a body of each other’s work is also essential to understand the pathways the artists are taking.

David’s abstracted forms and introduced elements provide a synergy and textural difference to the surface breaking the picture away from the canvas or board base to almost give a three-dimensional feeling to the overall effect. Colourful paint application sings as well in a lively combination.

Jane Giblin on the other hand works quickly with strong graphic qualities to outline her images and then the intensity of the face or space is worked with colour, pastel or in the case of the lithographs with fluid black ink.

“Many of our richest feelings are mysteriously buried in past childhood experiences. These long embedded “memories” subconsciously affect our response to certain kinds of landscape. In Giblin’s case, she has been drawn to revisit places where she lived or travelled when much younger.” says Jane

Please see our catalogue under the exhibition information for further images.

Matthew Sloane,

What a new sculptor we have here at Blenheim. Matthew Sloane was awarded the Highly Commended Premier’s Award last year at Deloraine Craft Fair and sine then his work has moved further on with confidence.

Pieces have grown in scale to include the wonderful horse and kangaroo, but still have the perspective right for small works of birds in flight and those perching on the closest fence.

There is a true knowing and observation with these animals which then is eloquently transformed into steel and the works are very engaging.

To view the catalogue please see the exhibition information tab.