During October and until the 10th November On the Wing exhibition will be on display. We are very fortunate to have a large group from Sydney with Renaissance Tours who will be visiting Blenheim Gallery and Garden whilst in Tasmania.

The show has received wonderful exposure for the artists involved and the range of works are enticing and unique. We have been very pleased to showcase a range of works which display our bird life in an individual way.

Lucy Mceachern’s work all bronze pieces she provides a wonderful focus which convey the individual personalities of birds.

Chen Ping Red Revelation is a most striking work and has been greatly admired and would suit any modern house or commercial space. These works as well as Milan Milojevic’s stunning bird works are exceptional and intriguing both from a technique point of view and imagery.


Patricia Giles who has worked in watercolour and gouache all of her life with the Tas Bush image is a haunting reminder of Tasmania’s beautiful and stark landscape of fallen trees, birds scavenging and the distant view of mountain peaks.

The two ceramicists Eve Howard and Dawn Oakford present their Tasmanian birds in a sculptural way. Eve Howard has provided the inspiration of a neighbour’s guinea fowl and that they seem to have their own confusion going on, inevitably running out onto the road as I drive past. As mad as guinea fowl are they have design qualities that draw me in. That plump body and small interesting looking head. Ancient somehow and full of character. Eve is enjoying this process, the evolving bird. Appreciating the colours and design motifs that defines this most particular creature.


Jennifer Marshall’s Summer Fountain 2012 I think is a beautiful work the colours of yellow and turquoise bouncing against the outline of bird and fountain in the summer light.

Then of course there are the renderings and the catalyst for the exhibition the John and Elizabeth Gould and John Gould and H C Richter hand coloured lithographs which are gentle, precise and delicate.

A show not to be missed!