Blenheim Gallery and Garden is the passion project of Jennie and her husband Stephen. Spending her earlier life, running art galleries in Launceston and Melbourne, Jennie is certainly accustomed to the curator role. Following many years living in Melbourne, Jennie returned to Tasmania and shortly thereafter commenced a long career with the National Trust. She has had an affirming career in history and heritage, developing her passion for rejuvenation and restoration.

Jennie recently ‘retired’ and here commenced the emergence of Blenheim Gallery and Garden.  At their home, purchased over 20 years ago, Jennie and Stephen have developed the internal formal gardens, orchard and topiary hedges to complement the intact hedgerow and deciduous trees nurtured by former owners Mr and Mrs Harley Smith.

Now, Jennie has been afforded the opportunity to return to her roots and open her own Gallery in the garden at Blenheim.

As you wander the gardens and view works in the gallery, you will see that this truly is a labour of love.

Retirement is like Gardening…seven days a week!