Pulse- New Art New Artists

Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren

Exhibition until 13 March 2016

10.30 to 4 to Friday 17 February then Wednesday to Friday 10.30 to 4 or by


Pulse – New Art New Artists exhibition with works from Tracey Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren.

Exciting new works by three artists which are superb in execution make a wonderful presence in the exhibition. Tracey’s work is inspired by perception, digital place and her local landscape – the 2016 Launceston Floods in the Tamar River.

Tracey Mighell’s work is a speculative exploration of the moment of transition between here and Elsewhere looking beyond the walls.

Gene McLaren’s monumental sculptures are displayed in the gallery and the garden with the inspiration coming from architecture, sculptural form and tension of a modern city.