The current exhibition “Pulse – New Art, New Artists” at Blenheim Gallery and Garden has been
exciting to undertake in collaboration with Tracy Delphin, Rachel Mighell and Gene McLaren. All three have been working away and studying for ten years and more and the work produced for the show indicates their individual true dimension of what it is to be an artist and develop your own vision skill and with confidence.

Tracey Delphin
Tracey Delphin has consistently worked with key themes of perception, digital place, local landscape,
memory and change. The key works in the exhibition highlight Launceston 2016 dramatic floods and the effect on the Tamar River with its deluge, dirt and foam. Her ideas are tunnelled to concepts, media and technology with layers and deep sensitivity to her surroundings.

Rachel Mighell
Rachel quietly absorbs her surroundings with contemplation and speculation considering the moment of transition between here a defined place and Elsewhere.

The title Elsewhere a photographic series links strongly to an extensive collection of works which evolve from thoughts both in dreams and things recollected and not touchable in other words beyond reach, the real and the maybe.

Her spaces we may not be aware of and the moment of stepping over; a shift, a transition between our world and Elsewhere.

Gene Mclaren
Gene has come to sculpture through working as a pattern maker. His sculptural forms are drawn from many sources but mostly from Architecture and the modern city landscape with all its robust shapes and forms.

The works both internal and external in the exhibition all have a volume to them which commands attention from the viewer and a presence in the spaces where they sit for display. Their sense of scale could be four times the size in a city in a city plaza anywhere in the world.

They are playful and majestic which invites the viewer to engage at either close range or further away. The materials used cement and steel require technical knowledge and they are structurally strong and enliven his architectural theme of brutalist architecture.