Lauren Black

Lauren Black’s work as a participant in our exhibition “2018 – Some of my bush friends in Tasmania : native flowers, berries and insects” takes inspiration from Louisa Anne Meredith artworks.

Lauren is recognised as a leading figure in botanical art in Tasmania. Born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1971, she began her study in the specialised field of botanical art in 1997 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

A passion for the Tasmanian wilderness and the states native flora brought her to the small island at the bottom of Australia in 1999, where she has since been involved in many exciting projects and commissions. Here she has worked collaboratively with botanists, artists, community and government organisations, private clients, as a teacher and also as a solo artist.

“Working with the Tasmanian wilderness has been both a challenging and inspiring journey. The splendour and diversity of the states flora captured my imagination from the moment I set foot into its wild and remote wilderness, while the rich botanical history has provided me with a wealth of material to draw on for inspiration.” Lauren states

“Field trips are an important part of my artistic process and I begin each composition by observing and studying how the plant grows in its natural habitat. These botanical excursions are of the utmost importance when it comes to capturing the true essence of the subject, providing time to observe, sketch, take photos and make collections” Lauren mentions.

In the studio this material becomes the starting point for each painting.

The works in this exhibition are just as exceptional with Lauren’s keen eye to detail, design, observation and accuracy. These contemporary art works are equally as relevant in 2018 as those who have travelled before Lauren more than 160 years ago.